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From the harmonic echoes of a gospel choir in a humble church to the rhythmic beats of R&B, Journiana's journey through music is as rich as it is diverse. Born into the world of sound, she honed her skills with a range of instruments - from the classic touch of the piano and violin to the soulful strums of a bass guitar. Her athletic prowess as a competitive soccer player led her to represent the Philippines on a national level at the tender age of 13. However, when an injury curtailed her sports aspirations, she found solace and expression in songwriting by the age of 15. The challenges of the global pandemic further intensified her musical pursuits, marking her first self-recording at 18.

Immersing herself in genres ranging from hip-hop and rock to alt-pop, Journiana possesses a sonic versatility that belies her age. R&B, however, holds a special place in her heart, shaping the core of her musical identity. Her debut single, "Just Be", is a testament to her multifaceted experiences, bridging her gospel roots with contemporary rhythms.

As Journiana seamlessly blends the academic corridors of graduate education with the vibrant stages of the music world, she stands as a beacon of passion, perseverance, and promise. With a story that resonates with every chord, she's not just a voice to hear, but a journey to experience.

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